Don’t let your style
harbour inside you…
…build it

Style Inspiration

Brickworks Building Products is Australia’s leader in style and innovation of building products. More than just roof tiles, timber,
bricks and blocks, we create the materials that create beautiful environments.

With the extensive range of Brickworks products, you can create a beautiful, long-lasting home that will give you great pleasure, comfort
and durability for a lifetime.

Style and innovation for your way of life.

Style Ambassador

Kate Waterhouse

Style Ambassador

We are excited to introduce our new style ambassador Kate Waterhouse. Kate is well regarded as a fashion, design and lifestyle icon, who effortlessly exudes glamour with a natural sense of style. Whether it is through apparel, accessories or home design, Kate is keen on mixing, matching and blending colours, shapes and materials that turn into a work of art, freely expressing her personality. Kate shares her design visions through articles and videos that aim to spark ideas, concepts and help shape new trends.

The evolution of style is something I am really passionate about. My personal style is about self-expression and innovation as well as classic qualities that stand the test of time. Bricks are the starting point of beautiful homes, great structures and well-designed spaces and present endless opportunities for design visions.
This journey with Brickworks means that I can take my love of style and function into the built environment and I’m really excited about the design possibilities.

Style Collaborators

Brickworks has collaborated with the following industry professionals to create a selection of colour schemes that will not only inspire, but also give you the confidence to create your perfect home. Click here to find your style inspiration

Kim Chadwick

Trend Forecast Director

Be inspired by form, function, colour and texture for your home

This unique range of curated colour palettes have been carefully designed to meet the needs of the style-conscious consumer – you. These schemes speak to current trends and have been created with longevity and enduring style in mind. We have used our industry insider knowledge and interpreted what’s happening in the market now as well as looking to the future of residential design.

Zoe Condoleon

Design Specialist

A home really comes to life when you add that third dimension of colour and texture to the floor plan. No matter whether you’re a traditionalist or looking to push visual design boundaries, one of these palettes is sure to perfectly complement your style. In working on these palettes I visualised our customers and developed suites that would suit their style and lifestyle needs and enable them to use colour and texture to enhance and highlight design elements.


Don’t let your style harbour inside you
….build it with Austral Bricks