Welcome to our new video series
‘Life is Better with Brick’

8 in 10 new homes are built with brick* –
There is a reason why.

This five-part, tongue-in-cheek video series compares the individual benefits of Bricks over Lightweight Board,
to help you make those critical material choices when building your new home.

We know that building a home is one of the biggest investments you will make. So, whether its an investment property, your first home, or your forever home –

When you choose a material, ask yourself, do you want a home that:

1. Has enduring style
2. Requires zero maintenance
3. Provides superior sound insulation
4. Is fireproof
5. Will reduce your energy consumption and bills

Ep.01 | Bricks requires zero maintenance

Do you want a material that requires zero maintenance, or one that is high maintenance?

Ep.02 | Brick has enduring style

Do you want a material with enduring style, or a short-term fad guaranteed to date quickly?

Ep.03| Brick is noise cancelling

Do you want a material that gives you peace and quiet, or one with no noise cancelling properties?

Ep.04 | Brick is fireproof

Do you want a material that will protect your investment from fire, or one that is flammable?

Ep.05 | Brick is energy efficient

Do you want a material that will reduce or increase your energy consumption and bills by 40%?

10 Reasons Why – Better with Brick

Here’s our top ten reasons why you’re making the best choice with Brick.

Come Home to Austral Bricks

Enduring style. Energy saving efficiency. Everlasting strength in all conditions. It’s easy to see why brick outlasts all other materials. Life is better with Austral Bricks.

BIS Oxford Economics (2019). External Classing in New Dwellings Report, 2018.
Brick (including brick veneer + full/double brick) made up 83% of external cladding materials used for new, detached dwellings in 2018.

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