Welcome to our new video series
‘Life is Better with Brick’

This five-part, tongue-in-cheek video series compares the individual benefits of Bricks over Lightweight Board,
to help you make those critical material choices when building your new home.

Episode 1 | Maintenance

Lightweight Board requires constant attention and maintenance, needing ongoing repainting to maintain aesthetics and durability. In contrast, Brick requires no attention at all, is durable and dependable, and will look good forever.

Episode 2 | Style

Lightweight Board is a short-term fad that only caters to limited designs, finishes and textures, and comes with a limited product warranty. On the other hand, Brick has enduring style and timeless charm, meaning it will look good forever. And, only Austral Bricks comes with a 100-year warranty.

Episode 3 | Noise

Lightweight Board will find it hard to keep the noise down, with no noise cancelling properties. In contrast, Brick provides superior sound insulation, while Lightweight Board fails to reduce noise between rooms and from outside.

Episode 4 | Fire

Lightweight Board can be combustible, meaning it will not provide sufficient fire resistance, while Brick is safe, not flammable, and non-combustible, making it perfect for Australia’s extreme climate.

Episode 5 | Energy

Lightweight Board will always have trouble moderating indoor temperatures, which will lead to over-reliance on artificial heating and cooling. Brick, on the other hand, is a natural thermal battery that can keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

10 Reasons Why – Better with Brick

Here’s our top ten reasons why you’re making the best choice with Brick.

Come Home to Austral Bricks

Enduring style. Energy saving efficiency. Everlasting strength in all conditions. It’s easy to see why brick outlasts all other materials. Life is better with Austral Bricks.

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