Building with lightweight materials is just inviting trouble

Bricks last longer, are more durable, require less maintenance and are more thermally efficient than lightweight materials – simple as that.

Remember the story of the Three Little Pigs? Lightweight materials can’t offer the same protection against the huff and puff of strong
winds don’t perform as well in fire, floods, or against white ants.

Lightweight is just that: Lightweight.

Lightweight materials can cost you money: Painting, repairing, higher insurance premiums, higher energy costs and even the price of building again.

Research at the University of Newcastle has proven that full brick construction performs the best for thermal comfort and energy efficiency and lightweight construction performs the worst.

Bricks are low maintenance.

Bricks don’t need paint or other treatments to maintain aesthetics and durability. Even after 100 years they are still strong, reliable and relatively maintenance free, saving you on the cost and time required to upkeep your home, compared to lightweight materials.

Clay bricks outperform lightweight materials because they are more energy efficient.

Results from ten years of independent research conducted by the University Newcastle into energy efficient housing proves:

1. Insulated cavity brick (full brick) construction performs the best for energy efficiency

2. Lightweight construction was the worst performing building in all seasons

3. Brick is manufactured from naturally occurring materials and does not emit volatile organic compounds, as many lightweight products can

Time it takes for heat to pass into your home (known as thermal lag):

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