Build a home you can live in happily ever after, with Austral Bricks.

From the minute you choose to build a brick home, your decision will start paying dividends – lower maintenance costs, lower energy charges,
lower fire risk, reduced termite treatment and better environmental outcomes for the whole family.

All of this and the guarantee that your investment will continue to save money and appreciate in value for the generations to come; your children’s children will reap the benefits of building with brick. It’s a choice that will last several lifetimes and beyond. Look around the world’s oldest cities; brick buildings have withstood the ravages of the ages. Look around today’s newest suburbs and you’ll find the most modern, stylish and practical homes are built of brick. Building your home with brick ensures it remains weatherproof, durable and attractive for years to come. It’s cost-effective because brickwork doesn’t need painting, rendering or any other coating to preserve its good looks and durability. Unlike other materials, bricks keep your home stylish without all the hard work. Better still the natural texture of brick actually hides dirt, unlike paint finishes which highlight grime.


More than a lifetime of benefits with bricks.

1. A brick home is one that’s built to be enjoyed for the long term

2. Bricks are durable and strong so your home can last for generations without the need for costly repairs and maintenance

3. Bricks stand the test of time – against weather, ageing, rust, warping and decay

4. Your brick home will keep you comfortable and safe no matter what the season

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