Product Information

Here is a collection of downloadable PDF files of our product information. Click on the desired brochure to view or save a copy. Scroll down for technical information or reading material about sustainable home living.

Product Brochure


NSW Brick Brochure

Brick Facings

Beautiful Forever

NSW Commons Brochure

Daniel Robertson Brochure

Q Block Technical Manual

NSW Paver Brochure

Bowral Bricks Brochure

Bowral Special Shapes Brochure

Camilla For Austral Bricks

Glazed Brick Brochure

Technical Information

Brick Facing Installation Guide

The Benefits Of Clay Bricks

Vitratec Brick Care Cleaning

Think Brick Cleaning Manual 10b

NSW Fire Resistance Charts

Exposure Grade Products List

Brick Properties & Bricklaying Practices

Brick Cleaning & Maintenance

Bowral Bricks Guidelines for Laying Dry Pressed Bricks

Bowral Blue Bricks Construction & Cleaning Guide

Bowral Chillingham White Cleaning

Beautiful Home Brochure

NATA-Accredited Laboratory


Build for Living Brochure

Carbon Neutral Brochure

Bricks for Living Brochure

WHS Documentation

Raw Material, Clay, Shale and Sandstone MSDS

Litestone MSDS

Designa Basalt MSDS

Clay Pavers MSDS

Clay Bricks MSDS

Work, Health & Safety Policy Statement

Environment Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement

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