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Inspired by the character and rustic charm of Melbourne’s famous back streets and laneways – where pressed bricks such as these are plentiful and inviting – Laneway is not only a tribute to the craft of Australian brick making, but also a thoroughly modern design statement.

With their inner city character and sometimes bold colour variations, this double sided brick can show manufacturing marks and kiln burns that reflect the age-old authenticity of the materials. Made using traditional presses, each brick has an authentic look and a genuine presence to give an age-old grounding to even the most contemporary of applications.

Warehouse Red

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*This product is not manufactured at our Longford Plant, TAS. It is not currently available as carbon neutral.

Bowral Bricks present best with an IRONED or FLUSH mortar joint finish.

Shallow Ironed (Rolled)

Deep Ironed (Rolled)

Struck Flush

The product images on this website give a general indication of colour for your preliminary selection. We recommend current product samples to be viewed before making your final selection


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